Sup World!

First post! I’m hella pumped to kick off this blog with a bang, as it is Throw Back Thursday (#tbt) and what better way to introduce myself than with some postworthy memorabilia?

FortParty (640x356)This is the NightFort, a temporary structure we built in my dorm at the start of my senior year at school. I got to design most of the wooden bits, and it went up pretty smoothly considering our workforce was mostly freshmen. Those were some seriously good days, and I’ll miss all the folks I got to work on this with!


IMG_1337 (640x478)

The lab for my favorite class in school: marine autonomy! The trimaran is a robot boat from Clearpath Robotics, and the cardboard box is my high-tech laptop shading device, so I could code in the sun. Getting to work with robots every week was hella sweet, but doing it at the beautiful sailing pavilion and having the river to ourselves in the mornings was really something else.

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